Oscar 2017: Jimmy Kimmel steps under, as besties Matt Damon, Ben Affleck take to stage

| Updated: Feb 27, 2017 16:14 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 27 (ANI): Looks like the long drawn feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel has been taken up to the Oscars stage. After his attempt to bury the hatchet with Matt Damon, Kimmel stepped under the stage to conduct the music, when besties Ben Affleck and Matt Damon took to stage to give away the golden statuette for 'Original Screenplay.' And Kimmel played the sound really loud! It is still not sure whether the music was intentional or not, but it made Damon almost inaudible. Earlier, in his starting monologue, Kimmel shared a message for Damon, where he said, "Tonight, in the spirit of bringing people together I would like to bury the hatchet with someone I've had disagreements with. When I first met Matt, I was the fat one. He's a selfish person, and those who have worked with him, you know that. But he did something very unselfish: He produced Manchester by the Sea, and could have played the lead actor himself but he gave it to his childhood friend and made a Chinese ponytail movie instead. And that movie, The Great Wall, went on to lose $80 million." The feud between Damon and Kimmel has been a running gag for years; most recently the former tried to crash the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' set, after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Damon even took to the Oscars red carpet to share his thoughts about his nemesis for years- he is 'talentless.' According to an interview with ABC News at the red carpet, the actor said, "He's talentless himself, but unfortunately, he's got an incredible group of writers who work for him. So, I'm afraid, I think I'm in for it tonight. It's going to be rough." Kimmel wasted no time responding, tweeting "Dead man, walking the red carpet" as he watched Damon's interview from backstage. On a related note, Oscar for 'Original Screenplay' was given to Kenneth Lonergan for 'Machester by the Sea.' (ANI)