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Robert De Niro dubs Lenny Dykstra's cocaine bender claims as 'Bulls***'

| Updated: Jul 06, 2016 17:09 IST

Melbourne, July 6 (ANI): Robert De Niro has slammed former baseball star Lenny Dykstra's new book, which claimed that the pair had binged on cocaine while on the holiday island of St Barts. When the 72-year-old actor was asked about the tale, he replied with a one-word comment through his representative, "Bulls***," reports News.com.au. For the unversed, in 'House of Nails: A Memoir of Life on the Edge,' out from HarperCollins, the 53-year-old baseball player recalled, "On another of my 30-day jaunts - when I was supposed to be in yet another rehab - I ended up in St. Barts." Dykstra further said that he was downing a banana daiquiri at an island restaurant when "there was the 'Raging Bull' himself, sitting at the next table. One thing led to another, and the next thing I knew we were in the bathroom of his suite and it was powder [bleeping] city." "This guy was a pro, dipping his finger in the coke and numbing his gums. I don't even think he knew who the hell I was. I could tell he wasn't a sports guy, but he sure liked hitting the slopes with me," '86 Mets World Series player claimed of De Niro. "The next thing I knew, De Niro took half my blow. We went back to the restaurant, and he sent over a thousand dollar bottle of wine. He did this three nights in a row," Dykstra added in his book. However, Dykstra also mentioned that the friendship was short-lived. (ANI)