Roman Polanski's victim asks judge to dismiss sexual offence case

| Updated: Jun 10, 2017 20:04 IST

New York [USA], June 10 (ANI): Samantha Geimer was 13 when she was sexually assaulted by Roman Polanski in the late 1970s. Now, 40 years after the numerous proceedings of the on-going case, she has asked the judge to drop the case. According to CNN, for the first time in 40 years, the victim stood before a judge and asked him to drop the sexual offence case against the famed film director. Standing before the judge, CNN quoted her as saying, "Justice is not only about punishment, it is about equity and consideration." Adding, "I would implore you to consider taking action to finally put this issue to close as an act of mercy to myself and my family." She said the case continued to affect her life and that of her family and three sons. "It is very embarrassing and unpleasant for them when there are reporters parked outside the house and they are outside with cameras," shared Geimer. Judge Scott Gordon called Geimer's testimony to the court "elegant and courageous," adding that "closure" is something she deserves. The 54-year-old claims that judicial misconduct gave Polanski a fair reason to flee before sentencing. Polanski fled to France in 1978 after he pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor and shortly before he was to be sentenced in the case. 'The Rosemary's Baby' director said he fled because the judge, who was handling his case decades ago, promised him he would serve 90 days of psychiatric evaluation, but was going to sentence him to 50 years in prison. Geimer also told that the matter was not as traumatic for her as everyone believed it was. "It wasn't as traumatic for me as everyone would like to believe it was. I was a young, sexually active teenager and it was scary thing. But it was not an uncommon thing. Much worse things happen to people," she insisted. (ANI)