Rosie O'Donnell planning to hurt Donald Trump, where it hurts the most

| Updated: Feb 10, 2017 14:45 IST

London [UK], Feb. 10 (ANI): Saturday Night Live (SNL) has always been vocal in addressing serious issues in a satirical and funny way. It has not been different this year too as all the star performers on the show have been taking digs at the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. Now, comedian Rosie O' Donnell has made her intentions clear that she is ready to play Steve Bannon in the show to hurt the president where it hurts the most. The 54 year old, who is not on good terms with the U.S President, has made herself 'available' to play Steve on SNL when asked by a fan on Twitter, reports The Independent. "I am here to serve," she replied. "Alec has trump, Melissa has spice. I would need a few days to prepare, so if called, i will be ready." In light of this, fans of the show really want Donnell to play the Trump's advisor Steve Bannon as she does a great impression of him. The feud between Donnell and Trump has been going on since last year when he called Rosie, "ugly", a "pig" and "degenerate". The actress was quick to reply how Trump will never be the president and later called on people to "shame the Donald" during the presidential debates. Bannon regularly features in the show, but in a fairly minor way as a Grim Reaper, played by Mikey Day so a switch in casting doesn't look too difficult. (ANI)