Seth Meyers parodies Oscar nominated films in 'Oscar Bait'

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Washington D.C.[USA], Feb. 23 (ANI): As the big night of Oscars come close, Seth Meyers introduces 'Oscar Bait' that serves as a bit of fun respite from the otherwise long and serious awards-season journey. Starring 'Late Night's own host, the clip parodies the films typically nominated for Academy Awards. It plays into every fathomable cliche that can be found in movies that typically do well during awards show season. Directed by Mike Karnell, the movie spoof also starred Jenny Hagel and Amber Ruffin. The 'tear-jerking' movie stars Meyers as a seemingly tragic figure intent on staring intensely into the distance, making dramatic eye contact with a small child, and deeply contemplating lost opportunities in his past. The trailer for 'Oscar Bait' even includes a 'critic's quote' from The Hollywood Reporter: "If you like films where a character is forced to overcome a rare disease, then this my friends, is your film." On a similar note, The Boston Globe's critic wrote, "I didn't cry once, but the main character cried 47 times." "USA Today wrote, 'Even the mailman cried, and he was literally onscreen for two seconds,' and The New Yorker said, 'So. Much. Snot.'" According to the voiceover, it's "a story of redemption, featuring pretentiously artistic shots of a man's hand grazing wheat, the grabbing of a bed sheet to indicate an orgasm...and that weird Spike Lee thing where the character is gliding towards the camera and it's like, 'Is he walking? Is he floating? What the hell is that thing?' "Oscar Bait: coming soon to that weird independent movie theater one town over that's always about to go out of business," the voiceover concludes. (ANI)