Star Movies brings you the 89TH ACADEMY AWARDS

| Updated: Feb 16, 2017 19:39 IST

New Delhi (India), Feb. 16 (ANI): There are few evenings that have the power to make history in Hollywood, the Oscars is one of them. Star Movies has always been connected with the biggest names, the grandest stage and an incomparable atmosphere of joy, tears and celebration in India, for almost two decades. The channel continues to be the official Home for the Academy Awards this year, with the simulcast of the same on Star Movies and Star Movies Select HD on February 27, LIVE at 5:30 AM with a Repeat at 8:30 PM. The Academy Awards, have forever stood as an epitome of excellence, honouring those masters who stay engraved in the history of cinema. While it is the greatest desire of every artist to win the coveted golden statuette, only a few are immortalised in the realm of the Oscars. Through a unique marketing campaign, Star Movies brings out that unmatched passion, an insatiable longing to be the best and celebrates this #GreatestDesire The journey to the Oscars begins with an ode to the dreamers, where @StarMoviesIndia will celebrate the great storytellers, who got a glimpse of the limelight and grandeur - some claiming the honour, some missing it by a whisker. Dreams are not just restricted to a few, everyone can walk a mile to achieve their #GreatestDesire. Star Movies gave its followers a unique opportunity to experience the Red Carpet thorough the Secret Screening of an Oscar nominated title. Every year, Star Movies makes the greatest desire of two Hollywood fans come true, by giving them a money can't buy experience, a chance to witness the Oscars, live at Los Angeles. This year, the channel will capture the journey of these two dreamers as they get ready to profess their love for their greatest desire. Their dreams may have been realised, but it's time to begin and realising another dream, another desire. It's time to #watchNwinOnStarMovies, an evening at the most glamorous showcase of the best of Hollywood. (ANI)