Swords and insanity take centre stage in new 'King Arthur' trailer

| Updated: Feb 21, 2017 17:59 IST

New Delhi (India), Feb. 21 (ANI): Bow Down! The King has arrived. Warner Bros. recently released the new trailer for highly-anticipated 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' and the fans are surely going insane with this one. The trailer goes into the journey of how Arthur turned himself from a street rat to the rightful king of England, with lots of action, swords and insane visuals. In the trailer, the young Arthur is shown to be escaping the passages of Londoium with his family as their kingdom gets attacked, not knowing his royal lineage till the time he grabs Excalibur. By the sword's influence, Arthur, played by 'Sons of Anarchy' fame, Charlie Humnan is forced to make up his mind and deal with his inner demons to defeat the dictator Vortigern. The trailer stands with Ritchie's stylish way of direction and makes this version a bit more unique than the previous ones. The original synopsis of the movie is, when the child Arthur's father is murdered, Vortigern (Jude Law), Arthur's uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his birthright and with no idea who he truly is, Arthur (Charlie Hunman) comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, his life is turned upside down and he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy.whether he likes it or not. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the movie is scheduled to release on May 12, 2017 and stars Charlie Hunman, Jude Law and Eric Bana. (ANI)