These fans want 'Harry Potter' version of Pokemon Go

| Updated: Jul 20, 2016 21:10 IST

New Delhi, Jul 20 (ANI): If Potterheads get their way, we could soon be getting a Hogwarts version of Pokemon Go, a game that has pretty much taken over the world. Launched by a 23-year-old fan Ashtyn Hannon, a petition titled 'Accio Harry Potter Go: We Want a Harry Potter Version of Pokemon Go!' is hoping to get Warner Bros' attention on the matter. The petition suggests, "In a Harry Potter augmented reality game, you could cast spells in real life. Accio Firebolt! And have a wizard duel with your friends, expelliarmus could disable their app for a few seconds! Who is your second?," adding: "In honour of the new movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, you could search for magical creatures, like hippogriffs, and dragons, and goblins, and acromantulas. Follow the spiders Ron." It further reads, "With Harry Potter Go, you could search for the seven Horcruxes, and then for swords, and basilisk fangs to destroy them. Someone get a Time-Turner and make this game yesterday!" At the time of writing, the petition has 7,501 signatures. (ANI)