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Allison Tolman (Image source: Instagram)
Allison Tolman (Image source: Instagram)

Allison Tolman calls for writers to stop making jokes about weight

ANI | Updated: Jan 19, 2022 20:12 IST

Washington [US], January 19 (ANI): Emmy Award nominee Allison Tolman is asking writers and showrunners to avoid making jokes about characters' body weight.
As per Deadline, Tolman's remarks come on the heels of 'Yellowjackets' star Melanie Lynskey's recent revelation in an interview that a member of that show's production body-shamed her on set.
"Writers and showrunners- take the jokes about weight out of your scripts. I promise they aren't funny. And even if they were, they won't hold up well. And even if they did, they're unkind-either to your characters and actors or someone in your audience or crew. It's not worth it," the 'Fargo star' posted on Twitter.
She continued, "Jokes about weight don't have to just be jokes about a character's body. They can also include making mention of: - the numbers on a scale - what someone eats - what size their clothing is - exercise and movement."

Tolman went on to say that the jokes about weight should be off-limits for characters of all sizes. Although it may seem complimentary to comment on smaller bodies, they are unnecessary.
"I'm not saying you shouldn't use adjectives. But please don't say "Linda- the main character's cousin, thin and witty" unless there's an actual reason Linda needs to be thin. And please don't say "Fat Lady In Theater" when you mean "Annoying Lady In Theater," she said.

She added, "Oh! And also, people think it's okay if they're using descriptors for small bodies because they're considered complimentary. Like, you're auditioning for "Skinny Intern", congratulations! But do you see THAT IS THE EXACT POINT AND SURELY YOU UNDERSTAND HOW WEIRD THAT IS." (ANI)