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Actors Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas (Image Source: Twitter)
Actors Tom Holland and Antonio Banderas (Image Source: Twitter)

Antonio Banderas names this actor to replace him as masked vigilante 'Zorro'

ANI | Updated: Nov 27, 2022 18:02 IST

Los Angeles [US], November 27 (ANI): "For there must always, be a Zorro".
Spanish actor Antonio Banderas recently revealed his choice of successor for portraying the mysterious titular character in a future instalment of the 'Zorro' film franchise.
"If they called me to do Zorro, I would do what Anthony Hopkins did for me, which is to pass the torch," Deadline quoted Banderas, citing ComicBook.
The Academy Award nominee named British actor Tom Holland as a potential candidate for the role of 'Zorro'.
"I did 'Uncharted' with him, and he's so energetic and fun. He's got this spark too," Banderas said.

Banderas had portrayed the well-known masked combatant in "The Mask of Zorro" and its sequel, 'The Legend of Zorro'.
As per Deadline, director Jonas Cuaron had announced that a Zorro reboot was in the works with 'Coco' actor Gael Garcia Bernal.
The swashbuckling vigilante has been featured in a number of television projects. Broadcast company 'The CW' had recently ordered six scripts where the story is reimagined with a female lead.
'Larry Crowne' actor Wilmer Valderrama also got attached to the character recently.
Teasing his upcoming show with Disney+, the 'Fast Food Nation' actor said on the 'Drew Barrymore Show', "This will be a Zorro for this generation. And it'll be incredibly thoughtful with its origin story. It will be grounded in authenticity."
Banderas was last seen in the action-thriller 'The Enforcer'.
He is also set to appear in the upcoming fifth film of the 'Indiana Jones' franchise. (ANI)