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Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tippett, Elisa Lasowski (Image Source: Twitter)
Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tippett, Elisa Lasowski (Image Source: Twitter)

Apple's live-action 'Godzilla, Titans Series' expand cast by five

ANI | Updated: Jul 01, 2022 01:19 IST

Washington [US], July 1 (ANI): Apple TV+ and Legendary Television's 'Godzilla and Titans series' have added their first five cast members.
According to Variety, Elisa Lasowski, Joe Tippett, Kiersey Clemons, Ren Watabe, and Anna Sawai have all joined the unnamed Legendary Television series.
In the programme, following the tremendous fight between Godzilla and the Titans that decimated San Francisco and the stunning new truth that monsters are real, one family journeys to unearth its buried secrets and a legacy linking them to the secret organisation known as Monarch.
Cate, a former teacher and G-Day survivor, will be played by Sawai ('Pachinko,' 'F9'). In her attempt to settle family matters, she flies to Japan but instead discovers a family secret. She is determined to find solutions since she is sick of hiding from her issues.
Kentaro, a young man who is described as brilliant, creative, and curious but who hasn't yet found his own way, will be portrayed by Watabe ('461 Days of Bento'). He will go out on a mission to uncover his own skills while learning more about his renowned but enigmatic father.

Clemons ('Hearts Beat Loud,' 'The Young Wife') plays the lead role of May, an American ex-pat who utilises her roguish demeanour to defend both herself and other people. She always thinks three steps ahead of those around her, whether it's cracking a code or locating the opening.
Tim is portrayed by Tippett ('Mare of Easttown,' 'The Morning Show,' 'Rise'), an office drone who fantasises about being a secret agent. In the field, his arrogance throws him into difficulty, but he is determined not to let his organisation down.
Last but not least, Lasowski ('Versailles') will play Duvall, a skilled agent with unflinching faith in her abilities. She also has a sharp sense of humour, which she employs to mentor her less practical colleague.
WME, United Agents, Zero Gravity, and Felker Toczek are Sawai's agents. AFA Prime Talent Media, Bunny Lake Studio in Japan, and attorney Yorn Levine Barnes represent Watabe. UTA, Range Media Partners, and Jackoway Tyerman are Clemons' agents. Paradigm and Perennial Entertainment represent Tippett. Curtis Brown UK and Sherpa Talent represent Lasowski, as reported by Variety.
The series was co-created by Chris Black and Matt Fraction, who also served as executive producers. Black will also direct the show. Along with Hiro Matsuoka and Takemasa Arita of Toho Co. Ltd., executive producers Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell of Safehouse Pictures will also work on the film. The Godzilla character is owned by Toho, who has granted Legendary a licence to use it in their television series.
'WandaVision' filmmaker Matt Shakman will executive produce and helm the first two episodes. The series follows the Legendary Monsterverse's narrative that was started in movies like 'Godzilla' and 'Kong: Skull Island' in 2014. (ANI)