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Andrew Dominik and Ana De Armas (Image Source: Twitter)
Andrew Dominik and Ana De Armas (Image Source: Twitter)

'Blonde' director Andrew Dominik "really pleased" by outrage against film

ANI | Updated: Dec 05, 2022 17:05 IST

Los Angeles [US], December 5 (ANI): While most filmmakers would be worried if their film receives backlash, director Andrew Dominik is surprisingly delighted.
The 55-year-old's film 'Blonde', which is based on the life of Hollywood actor Marilyn Monroe, has been receiving backlash ever since its release on Netflix.
As per a report by US-based entertainment outlet People, citing The Hollywood Reporter, Dominik admitted that he was "really pleased" that the film "outraged so many people" at the Red Sea International Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

"Now we're living in a time where it's important to present women as empowered, and they want to reinvent Marilyn Monroe as an empowered woman. That's what they want to see. And if you're not showing them that, it upsets them," the 'Killing Them Softly' director said.
"What they really mean is that the film exploited their memory of her, their image of her, which is fair enough. But that's the whole idea of the movie. It's trying to take the iconography of her life and put it into service of something else, it's trying to take things that you're familiar with, and turning the meaning inside out. But that's what they don't want to see," he added.
As per a report by People, 'Blonde' was criticised for exploiting Monroe's personal issues with fictionalised sequences and scenes based on unproven anecdotes.
The film stars 'The Gray Man' actor Ana De Armas as the "blonde bombshell" and showcased her life with its ups and downs, until her death. (ANI)