Brooke Burns (Image Source: Instagram)
Brooke Burns (Image Source: Instagram)

Brooke Burns reminisces meeting Alex Trebek, reveals whether she would host 'Jeopardy!'

ANI | Updated: Dec 09, 2020 22:51 IST

Washington [US], December 9 (ANI): Brook Burns on Wednesday (local time) shares the memories of meeting Alex Trebek and talks about the rumours of hosting 'Jeopardy!' in an interview.
According to an exclusive interview by Fox News, the Emmy-nominated star Brooke Burns talks about the challenge with her show 'Master Minds', where three contestants will square off against three trivia pros, including Ken Jennings of 'Jeopardy!' fame, as well as Muffy Marracco and Jonathan Corbblah in multiple rounds to win $10,000.
Burns also talks about meeting late Alex Trebek when she was 19, whether she would consider hosting 'Jeopardy!' and the one painful incident on 'Baywatch' she never forgot. Burns recalled Trebek as a kind and witty man. She told them that it was really fun to meet him when he came on as a celebrity guest to her show and played a fisherman that Mitzi Kapture and she had to rescue.

Talking about the chat boards that have been bringing her name as the new host of 'Jeopardy!', she said, "Of course, I love hosting trivia, so that would be an honour. I know they were looking at a couple of guest posts and my dear friend, Mr Ken Jennings, I think is first in line for that. But if they want a female to come on and test it out once in a while, I think that would be quite an honour."
She recalled best memories from her time of filming 'Baywatch'. "There are so many. I don't know about a smile, but I remember there was a stunt that I wanted to do by myself, which was to slide down the rope of the USS Missouri when we moved the show over to Hawaii," the star said.
She added further, "And when I dropped, I had a tiny bit of swing from 30 feet up and I fell into a half pike dive. I bruised my legs from my kneecaps to my hips, completely black. And for the next three weeks, I had to wear full-body makeup on my thighs to try and cover it from the producers so they wouldn't know and they would not stop me from trying to do my own stunts."
When asked what surprises her most about Ken Jennings, Burns said, "He's is so smart. But he's very witty and has a surprising sense of humour in the most random situations. That's been fun to see play out because he's so knowledgeable but also very genuine. He loves telling jokes. He's a jokester on set."
The 42-year old American star is the host of 'Master Minds' on the Game Show Network (GSN), who made her game show hosting debut on NBC's 'Dog Eat Dog' in 2002 and went on to host ABC's 'You Deserve It' with Chris Harrison in 2011. Then from 2013 to 2015, the 42-year-old took on 'The Chase' where she was nominated for an Emmy as an outstanding game show host. (ANI)