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Cameron Diaz (Image source: Instagram)
Cameron Diaz (Image source: Instagram)

Cameron Diaz feels acting is "a bit different" following long hiatus

ANI | Updated: Sep 17, 2022 19:48 IST

Washington [US], September 17 (ANI): Hollywood star Cameron Diaz, who will star opposite Jamie Foxx in Seth Gordon's 'Back in Action' following a long hiatus, has said that acting now "feels a bit different."
According to The Hollywood Reporter, during her appearance on 'The Tonight Show', while discussing her role in the upcoming action-comedy film, host Jimmy Fallon asked if she was either nervous or excited to start working on the Netflix film.
Diaz replied, "I'm both. It's a little bit of muscle memory, you know what I mean? I did that for so long, it's kind of like the process -- I just fell back into it. But it feels a little bit different."

"And I've also made two movies with Jamie Foxx, which is amazing. The last movie I made was Annie with Jamie, and so the first movie back is this film with Jamie," she continued.
Diaz said about her 'Back in Action' co-star, who also appeared with her in 1999's 'Any Given Sunday': "He's so great, he's so easy, he's so professional, he's so talented. And just being able to work with him, it'll be so much fun."
She further pointed out that Foxx can be an energetic scene partner, saying, "I'm nervous about that because I have to listen to Jamie because he will go. He's like a racehorse. I just want to be able to support him along the way."
Diaz is known for films including 'The Mask', 'There's Something About Mary' and 'My Best Friend's Wedding', among several others. (ANI)