A still from the show 'Friends' (Image Source: Instagram)
A still from the show 'Friends' (Image Source: Instagram)

Chandler Bing's sarcasm is yet again on point amid coronavirus pandemic

ANI | Updated: Apr 05, 2020 09:55 IST

New Delhi [India], April 5 (ANI): Using famous 'Friends' character Chandler Bing's expression of hiding pain through sarcasm, actor Matthew Perry on Saturday used the reference to talk about coronavirus pandemic.
Taking to Instagram, Perry re-created one of his iconic dialogues from the show and posted a picture that said, "Could we BE in any more of a pandemic?"
Perry portrayed the character of Chandler Bing in the beloved 90's show which celebrated its 25th-anniversary last year.
Chandler Bing, the IT procurements manager with a specialization in 'Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration,' had a habit of using sarcasm as a defense mechanism to cover his misery.
"Could this BE... any more .....?" is one of his famous reference that he used several times throughout the 10-season-long show.

As the world is at the largest of its misery amid the coronavirus crisis, Perry once again used the reference in real life.
'Friends' featured Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc, besides Perry.
A much-awaited reunion special episode of the sitcom which was scheduled to be shot and telecasted this year on HBO Max has also been shelved until May due to the outbreak of the virus.
According to WHO, COVID-19 has affected over 10 lakh people across the globe and has claimed the lives of more than 50,000. (ANI)