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Kendall Jenner (Image Source: Instagram)
Kendall Jenner (Image Source: Instagram)

Court grants 5-year restraining order to Kendall Jenner against alleged stalker

ANI | Updated: Apr 21, 2021 19:56 IST

Washington [US], April 21 (ANI): American reality TV star and supermodel Kendall Jenner has been provided five-year restraining orders from the court against an alleged stalker who was arrested for misdemeanour and trespassing near her home.
TMZ broke the news, a man named Malik Bowker, who was arrested at around 2 a.m. local time on Sunday, March 28 for misdemeanour and trespassing near Kendall Jenner's home has been ordered by the court to stay 100 yards away from her house for 5 years.
The order passed by the judge to Malik includes staying away from Kendall, her home, work and vehicle. He is also prohibited from attempting to obtain her address going forward.
According to TMZ, Malik is also restrained from having zero contact with her physically and electronically which means no e-mail, text messages, or online bullying.
Kendall who appeared at the hearing virtually through a video call was represented by her attorney. However, Malik did not appear at the hearing.

The legal documents that were obtained by TMZ earlier told that the alleged trespasser began to knock on Kendall's house's windows while yelling her name. The individual would later strip off his clothes in an attempt to get in the reality star's pool.
She had also claimed that an LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) detective told her about the alleged plan of the Malik that included buying an illegal firearm to shoot her and then himself.
Though Kendall was not harmed during the incident, sources close to her confirmed that the model's security and security measures have been increased following the incident. As for the alleged trespasser, police say he has already been released from jail due to COVID-19 protocols.
Meanwhile, Kendall is not the first family member of Kardashians-Jenners to experience a security scare in recent months. The same trespasser had targeted Kylie's gated community too and was later arrested for felony stalking.
On February 24, another 24-year-old man had crashed through the gate to Kim Kardashian's. The man told law enforcement he was going to see Kim, and at one point even claimed she was his wife. Her security was able to stop the man, noting that "he was arrested and is currently on a 72-hour psych hold."(ANI)