'Dunkirk' wins China with USD 30 million opening

ANI | Updated: Sep 04, 2017 14:26 IST

<p>Los Angeles [U.S.A], September 4 (<a href="/search?query=ANI">ANI</a>): After conquering every possible international market, <a href="/search?query=Christopher Nolan">Christopher Nolan</a>'s World War II epic '<a href="/search?query=Dunkirk">Dunkirk</a>' marched to an easy win at the Chinese box office.</p><p>According to <a href="/search?query=The Hollywood Reporter">The Hollywood Reporter</a>, Nolan's latest movie opened to USD 30 million at the opening day of the release.</p><p>The critically acclaimed war epic pulled in an impressive USD 5.7 million from 436 <a href="/search?query=IMAX">IMAX</a> screens, Nolan's second-best showing on the giant screen format in China behind '<a href="/search?query=Interstellar">Interstellar</a>'.</p><p>Although '<a href="/search?query=Dunkirk">Dunkirk</a>'s debut lagged behind '<a href="/search?query=Interstellar">Interstellar</a>'s USD 42.6 million opening in 2014, Warner Bros. celebrated the number as a solid showing for an artful Hollywood action-drama, noting that the opening was in range of past Oscar contenders like '<a href="/search?query=Gravity">Gravity</a>' (35.8 million USD) and '<a href="/search?query=The Revenant">The Revenant</a>' (31 million USD).</p><p>Meanwhile, Luc Besson's '<a href="/search?query=Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets">Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets</a>' plummeted 78 percent in its second weekend, earning USD 6.2 million in its second weekend. (<a href="/search?query=ANI">ANI</a>)</p>