Dwayne Johnson with father Rocky Johnson
Dwayne Johnson with father Rocky Johnson

Dwayne Johnson shares moving tribute for late father Rocky Johnson's 77th birthday

ANI | Updated: Aug 22, 2021 20:44 IST

Washington [US], August 22 (ANI): Hollywood star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson recently honoured his late father Rocky Johnson ahead of what would have been the wrestler's 77th birthday.
According to People magazine, on Saturday, the 49-year-old actor shared an emotional video detailing how his father helped him become the man he is today. The video also included some throwback footage of Rocky from his days as a football player.
"Man I look at life these days with deep gratitude, humility and a little grace - thankful for those dreams that didn't come true. That's the irony of life sometimes where the thing we want most -- is sometimes it's the best thing that never happened," the 'Jungle Cruise' star captioned his post on Instagram.
He added, "I failed at becoming an NFL player. And as complicated as my relationship was with my old man, he was the one who eventually trained me to become a pro wrestler. And the rest is history."

"Rest In Peace Soulman and cheers to those dreams that don't come true," he added, referencing his dad's nickname from pro wrestling.
In the clip, Johnson also got candid about the struggles he and his family faced early in his life.
"My dream was to become a professional football player and felt like that was my path. And of course, that dream didn't come true. But life is so wildly unpredictable. And when you look back, sometimes the dreams that we have and the things that we want most to happen in life are sometimes the best things that never happen," he said.
Johnson further continued, "Because truth is, had I not been evicted, and had we not been kicked off the island, that would not have set me on a path of being motivated and driven to work hard [and] work my ass off. I look back with gratitude and I look back now thankfully with a little bit of grace in knowing that all things worked out the way they should."
According to People magazine, Rocky died in 2020 after a blood clot "broke free" and travelled to one of his lungs, which caused a "massive heart attack, just like that," as stated by his son. (ANI)