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Freddie Highmore
Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore reveals he got married during 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

ANI | Updated: Sep 29, 2021 20:46 IST

Washington [US], September 29 (ANI): British actor Freddie Highmore recently stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Monday night and casually revealed that he recently tied the knot.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, during the interview, Kimmel noticed that Highmore was wearing a wedding band. "Yes, it is a wedding ring. You're very perceptive," the actor responded as the audience and Kimmel congratulated him.
He continued, "It's funny. Ever since I've been wearing this ring people have been asking me if I'm married. So I figured I should clarify it."
"I'm not gonna jump up and down on the couch on the talk show and express my excitement that way. I know that you do that in America," Highmore said, poking fun at Tom Cruise announcing he was in love with then-girlfriend Katie Holmes on The Oprah Show in 2005. He added, "But I'm as happy as a Brit can be. I'm married to a very wonderful woman now. So, yes, I feel very happy."
The 'Good Doctor' actor confirmed his wife is also British, but he did not reveal her name or any wedding details.

Highmore admitted he is still getting used to being a newlywed. He explained, "I just still can't get over the terminology and the vocab. Like, a 'married man' just sounds very old and 'my wife' sounds very possessive ... So we don't really use that yet. But we just point to the rings and be like, 'Here, look. Draw your own conclusion.'"
When Kimmel asked if his wife calls him "her husband," Highmore replied, "I feel like that sounds a little bit better. It's just the 'my wife,' like, I don't know."
The host joked to Highmore, "You're gonna have to loosen up a lot." To this, Highmore said, "It's still early days. Thank you for the tips."
The 'Bates Motel' alum, who had to fly to Los Angeles for the interview in between filming 'The Good Doctor' in Vancouver, British Columbia, also told a funny story with Kimmel about his fear of flying.
"I had a run-in with customs when I was younger and it's always stuck with me," he shared. He recalled being 10 or 11 when he was stopped by customs agents with guns in a Cambodian airport, as per The Hollywood Reporter. (ANI)