Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, Image Courtesy: Instagram
Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, Image Courtesy: Instagram

Here's the insight from Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams' first date!

ANI | Updated: Sep 06, 2019 22:06 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Sept 6 (ANI): During a recent event, actor Sarah Hyland opened up about her first date with fiance Wells Adams.
"That first date was a real trial by fire because I told him about everything that was happening," People quoted the 'Modern Family' actor as saying.
Hyland met her partner for the first time in person just three days before she was scheduled to undergo her second kidney transplant in September 2017, after a lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia.
"Yeah, and the next night you told me even more," added Adams.
Even though that may seem like a lot more to take care of initially in a relationship, Adams said that it wasn't the way he saw things.
"I know it seems like this huge thing, but it didn't feel like that. The way I always thought of it was, there's going to be times in my life where I'm going to need to lean on her and so this was just a time I was there for her," he explained.
And while the 'Geek Charming' actor recovered from the prolonged disease in the hospital, the duo got even closer.
"When she was on painkillers, she was very honest with me," Adams said.
"We would FaceTime and I'd fall asleep in the middle and I had no idea what I said to him. I could have told him the most embarrassing story of my life and I had no idea, but he still liked me," Hyland added. (ANI)