Internet thinks it's Justin Trudeau who got dumped by Jennifer Aniston

ANI | Updated: Feb 17, 2018 07:56 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Feb 17 (ANI): Turns out, Justin Theroux and Justin Trudeau's super-similar names are confusing people into thinking that Jennifer Aniston called it quits with the Canadian prime minister.

While Theroux and Trudeau share lots of similarities, such as same age, belonging to famous families, French-Canadian descent, some major tattoos, and the French-speaking skills - this goof-up has come out to be interesting.

Here is how Twitterati took it:

One tweet read, "ok wait this whole time i thought jennifer aniston was married to the prime minister of canada but i just realized she's married to justin theroux not justin trudeau".

Another user tweeted, "Am I the only person living under a rock who didnt know about Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston being together and thought she was splitting from Justin Trudeau?".

One user wrote, "At a glance I thought Jennifer Aniston had separated with Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM and was extremely confused for 30 seconds".

Another wrote, "read this as jennifer aniston and justin trudeau, was disappointed, read it correctly, am more disappointed".

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