It takes time to come out and talk: Monica Bellucci on sexual abuse

ANI | Updated: Nov 09, 2017 14:27 IST

Los Angeles [U.S.A], November 9 (ANI): Italian actress and Hollywood veteran Monica Bellucci has come out to support the women who have spoken about their terrifying experiences of sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

Bellucci, who was in Rome to receive the Fondazione Cinema per Roma's Virna Lisi Award, which honours an actress who has made an impact in Italian and global cinema, shared that she hates how Harvey Weinstein's accusers have been victim-shamed and criticised for not speaking out sooner.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bellucci noted, "People are asking, 'why didn't these women come out before? Why didn't they say something right away?' When a bird is in a cage for a long time, even when you open the cage, it doesn't go out."

Adding, "And so to come out from that is something that has to change inside. It takes so much time to come out and have the courage to talk."

When asked if she has experienced any kind of harassment over the course of her career, the 'Spectre' star shared that she does not think there is one woman in the world who hasn't experienced such kind of misconduct to some degree.

"Of course. I don't think there is one woman in the world who hasn't experienced this to some degree. So I think when you are a woman, you know from a very young age how to deal with those attitudes. In some cases, you think that it is almost normal because it happens so often. But it's not normal," noted Bellucci.

She also explained that as a parent we have to teach our kids how to see these situations before they can happen and how to face them.

She further stated, "I think things are really changing in just a few months. Because as a woman, I don't know about you, but as a woman when I go around I feel already that the attitude is changing. Maybe the attitude is more aware. Things are changing already. When I go to the airport, when I go to restaurants, I start to feel something, more respect, people are more gentle."

Meanwhile, on the professional front, Monica Bellucci is reportedly being considered to reprise the role of Bond Girl alongside Daniel Craig in 'Bond 25'. (ANI)