Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx opens up about racism

ANI | Updated: Jun 06, 2018 18:22 IST

Washington D.C.[United States], June 6 (ANI): 'Amazing Spiderman 2' star Jamie Foxx recently opened up about racism he encountered in college before his career took off.
The star revealed that he wasn't allowed to appear onstage in a College Musical because he is black, reported People.
"They came to me because they needed a tenor. They wouldn't let me go on the stage, but they would let me behind the curtain because there weren't any African Americans in the production. So I would sing in the back, and I would just sing the parts they needed me," People quoted Off Script.
Foxx attended United States International University, where he studied classical music and composition.
In addition to the talk show, Foxx is set to host and produce the game show 'Beat Shazam', which premieres for its second season on May 29 on Fox.
He will also be seen in the new Robin Hood film alongside Taron Egerton and Jamie Dornan.