Jim Carrey talks about battling depression

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2017 13:51 IST

Washington D.C. [U.S.A], November 24 (ANI): Actor-comedian Jim Carrey recently revealed that he was struggling with mental illness and depression back in the nineties when he was at the height of his fame and it took him a long time to conquer it.

Opening up about his battle with depression, Carrey said that he is now 'sometimes happy'.

He also revealed that his depression does not 'immerse and drown' him anymore.

The 'Dumb and Dumber' actor said, "At this point, I don't have depression. There is not an experience of depression. I had that for years, but now, when the rain comes, it rains, but it doesn't stay. It doesn't stay long enough to immerse me and drown me anymore", Contactmusic reported.

The 55 year old actor, who is best known for his comic roles in 'The Mask', 'Liar Liar' and 'Ace Ventura', disclosed that he ironically actually found humour and inspiration from his depression.

"Some people have come at me in the last couple of years with the intent of breaking off a piece of the Holy Grail for themselves, but the Grail isn't a thing that you can break off. So they're going to learn that the hard way. It's not pleasant", he added.

Over the last few years, Carrey has constantly been in the news for he was sued by the mother and the estranged husband of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White, who committed suicide in 2015.

Carrey has been alleged of giving Cathriona White STDs and supplying her with pills that she overdosed on.

He will be standing trial in the lawsuit in April 2018.

On the professional front, Carrey has returned to the small screen with Netflix's 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond' and he is also preparing for the 2018 comedy series 'Kidding'.(ANI)