JLaw finds pay deals fairer these days

ANI | Updated: Nov 17, 2017 16:03 IST

Washington D.C. [U.S.A], November 17 (ANI): After penning an essay in 2015, which revealed that she and Amy Adams were paid less than their male 'American Hustle' co-stars, actress Jennifer Lawrence has now shared that she finds it "easier" to get paid fairly these days.

While speaking up with The Hollywood Reporter, Lawrence said, "It's much easier for me now to be paid fairly. The reason I spoke out about it was really -- we're in the industry, everybody is looking at us, if we're going through this, every woman in the world is going through this."

However, the 27-year-old actress feels that the biasness in the regard has been deemed normal.

"But the real problem is the normalisation of it. It's the reason why your agents don't think twice about paying you a third of your [co-star's paycheque] because it's been so normalized for so long."

Meanwhile, Jessica Chastain who was alongside Lawrence during the interview revealed she that did not accept many lead roles until her male co-stars were cast and bosses could examine their budgets.

"After 'Zero Dark Thirty', I was sent a lot of scripts where it was a female protagonist, and they wouldn't do my deal until they knew who the male actor was because they needed to do his deal first and then see what was left over. And I decided I'm not doing that anymore. So from now on, if someone has something they're bringing to me, great, let's do my deal [now]," noted Chastain. (ANI)