Mandy Moore,
Mandy Moore,

Mandy Moore expresses her desire to direct an episode of 'This Is Us'

ANI | Updated: Sep 11, 2021 19:01 IST

Washington [US], September 11 (ANI): As the American drama series 'This Is Us' is coming to an end with its sixth season, actor Mandy Moore has said that she's thinking about exploring her talents behind the camera.
According to Page Six, she recently told her friend and also former MTV executive Vinnie Potestivo that she "hopes to next season" direct an episode of her hit show.
Moore said, "I think initially I was like, 'Nope, I don't think it's for me.' But, as time has gone on, and we have almost 90 episodes under our belt, I'm like, I feel like I have a good sense of how this works and I want to try my hand at it."
Moore added that she's interested in seeing "if this is something beyond our show... if that's a hat I want to wear in my life."

Moore has played family matriarch Rebecca Pearson since the show premiered in 2016. They started filming the final season last week.
"Mom and Dad. Day 1, season 6 in the can. Here we go," she captioned an Instagram photo with Milo Anthony Ventimiglia, who portrays the role of her TV husband, Jack Pearson, on the show.
Moore had revealed her directing desires to Potestivo for the launch of his new podcast, "I Have A Podcast."
She said, "If I'm going to dip my toe into those waters and see if that's something that I truly am passionate about and excited by, I mean, what better opportunity than doing it in this sense with this group of people."
Moore is one of a few stars of MTV's "golden era" featured on Potestivo's new podcast. As per Page Six, Suchin Pak, Christina Milan, Ananda Lewis and Jamie-Lynn Sigler will appear on future episodes. (ANI)