Mark Hamill urges fans not to read 'Star Wars' Comic to avoid spoiler

ANI | Updated: Sep 17, 2017 21:05 IST

New Delhi [India], September 17 (ANI): Mark Hamill wants 'Star Wars' fans to steer clear of the spoilers.

In a hilarious post, Hamill on Saturday asked people to not read the classic 'Star Wars' comic from Marvel until after the movie releases, which apparently has 'The Last Jedi' spoilers inside.

He wrote, "I'm begging you! For your own good-DO NOT READ this spoiler-laden comic book before Friday December15th 2017 You'll thank me later #Wait4VIII."

'Star Wars 49: The Last Jedi' is the forty-ninth issue in the Marvel Star Wars series of comics that began its run in 1977 and included an issue with the same title, The Last Jedi.

The film opens in the theatres on December 15, later this year. (ANI)