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Martha Kelly (Image source: Instagram)
Martha Kelly (Image source: Instagram)

Martha Kelly to star in 'Hacks' season two

ANI | Updated: Mar 19, 2022 22:24 IST

Washington [US], March 19 (ANI): Actor Martha Kelly has joined the star cast of season two of the Emmy nominated HBO Max series 'Hacks'.
As per E! News, Martha who played Laurie the drug dealer in 'Euphoria' will star as a recurring guest in season two of 'Hacks' which also feature Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder in lead roles.
Apart from Martha, Laurie Metcalf and Ming-Na Wen are also getting recurring roles, with Margaret Cho appearing as a guest star.
The upcoming season will follow Smart and Hannah Einbinder's respective characters Deborah Vance and Ava as they mend their once fraught working relationship and work on a new standup routine.
The duo decided to pursue this exciting and scary opportunity after season one's finale saw Deborah walk away from her Las Vegas residency, marking a new chapter in her storied career.

Series writer Paul W. Downs told E! News last year that the cast will return to Sin City.
"It is this like lawless desert oasis where [Deborah's] built her fortress up around her," he assured, "so we're going to definitely see that," Downs told the outlet.
He also teased a potential reconciliation between Deborah and her sister, who got together with the comedienne's ex-husband.
Downs told E! News that they hoped to explore the betrayal more, saying, "That's a big part of her journey is that sort of fractured relationship, because you see only a moment of it and, as you know, she almost hits her with a car."
Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Jane Adams, Christopher McDonald, Kaitlin Olson, Paul W. Downs, Poppy Liu, Rose Abdoo, Mark Indelicato, Meg Stalter, Angela E. Gibbs, Luenell, Johnny Sibilly, Joe Mande, Ally Maki and Lorenza Izzo are also set to return for season two of 'Hacks' that is currently streaming now on HBO Max. (ANI)