Actress Megan Fox
Actress Megan Fox

Megan Fox recalls 'psychic' experience on set of 'Jennifer's Body'

ANI | Updated: Sep 12, 2019 19:32 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Sept 12 (ANI): Actress Megan Fox who starred in the horror-comedy 'Jennifer's Body' has some 'psychic' experience to share.
In an interview with Variety, the 'Transformers' actress revealed her paranormal moment when she was shooting for 'Jennifer's Body'.
"You are not supposed to say this about yourself, but I'm really psychic," E! News quoted the actress.
At that time Fox was rising to fame and she was followed by the press even on film sets.
She revealed that during a particular shoot she was required to walk into a lake wearing nothing but nude panties and pasties. To maintain her privacy, the crew cleared out the woods and the surrounding area, but something still felt off to Megan.
"I had a pretty strong intuition and I looked exactly in the direction where I could feel the energy and the focus of a stare, of a lens, of a something, coming from right across the lake and I was like 'there's someone over there'," she recalled.
"And so, here we go, I get into the lake, I do the whole scene and then sure enough, I was on set and my agent called and he was like, 'Okay,' and I knew by the tone of his voice that something was wrong and he was like, 'So there was a photographer," she said.
Immediately after this Fox flew back home for a break.
She informed that all the media attention made her feel "overexposed" and "hunted". Fox felt violated but returned to set to continue filming in the sometimes "challenging" conditions. (ANI)