Meghan King Edmonds and her kids (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Meghan King Edmonds and her kids (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Meghan King Edmonds says quarantine as a single mom is 'soul-sucking house arrest'

ANI | Updated: May 16, 2020 23:09 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], May 16 (ANI): American TV personality Meghan King Edmonds recently opened up about her not-so-good quarantine as a single mother of three.
According to Fox News, the 35-year-old former reality star penned a new blog post over Instagram on Friday about her days spent in isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic for the last nine weeks.
Warning the readers that it does not include parenting advice or even a "glimmer of hope," she began the piece and said the leisurely at-home activities of Zooming with friends and working out indoors have quickly become a thing of the past. Now, she writes, quarantining is "synonymous with HOUSE ARREST."

Edmonds who is a mother of three -- to daughter 3-year-old Aspen, and 23-months-old twin boys Hayes and Hart, called self-isolation as a single parent -- "lonely" and added that she's currently experiencing the "soul-sucking, get-me-out-of-here-I'm-going-crazy kind" of quarantine.
Edmonds, who is going through a very public divorce with former baseball pro -Jim Edmonds admitted that she simply cannot relate and can't even be friends with those who are enjoying their time at home.
"My brain will either explode with envy or shrivel from misdirected frustration into a disgusting remnant of discarded week-old food (need a visual?) Just look in any highchair, I have several," she added.

The mother of three complained about her little ones screaming "non-stop" and that she's been unable to find silence even in private spaces like the bathroom.
Edmonds also attributed her lack of a yard for adding to her discomfort. While she shared that she is "fortunate" to live in the home that she does, it's not helping her from spiralling.
The former reality TV star has been open in the past about her son Hart's irreversible brain damage known as PVL. The condition affects his motor skills, causing him to attend speech, physical and occupational therapy several times a week.
Edmonds explained picking up this responsibility to help her son at home has become "impossible." As a result of not being able to go to regular appointments, she shared Hart's development has "regressed."
Edmonds, who has a live-in nanny she called a "Godsend", concluded that even sleeping is difficult because her toddler shares her bed.
"I have no personal space," she explained, adding that she can now "barely work."
However, the mother of three managed to find one positive.
"Without quarantine, we can hide from our nagging insecurities, but during this time we've been forced to really look into that ugly mirror and see all the parts of ourselves and finally DEAL with it," she wrote. "All we can do is use this time to let our ugly out." (ANI)