Meryl Streep responds to Tom Hanks` 'high maintenance' remark

ANI | Updated: Dec 16, 2017 06:32 IST

Washington DC [USA], Dec 16 (ANI): Hollywood legend Meryl Streep has finally responded to the remarks Tom Hanks made, calling her 'high maintenance'.

And her answer is like 'mother' of all comebacks.

While attending the premiere of her upcoming movie, 'The Post', Streep addressed the joke the actor recently made about her being "high maintenance," reports E! Online.

She said, "Just check the amount of time he took in hair and makeup and how much I did, and you'll find out who's high maintenance."

The three-time Oscar winner also dropped a little trivia about the phrase and its relation to the film.

"By the way, the movie is dedicated to Nora Ephron, who claims that phrase - high maintenance - as her own," noted Streep.

A couple of days back, while appearing on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', Hanks jokingly said that his 'The Post' co-star was "high maintenance."

After host Stephen Colbert explained to Hanks that many people trust him, including his co-star (Streep), Hanks playfully rolled his eyes and said, "You mean, can I just say, high-maintenance Meryl Streep?"

'The Post' tells the story of Ben Bradlee (Hanks) and Katharine Graham (Streep), and Graham's decision to publish the Pentagon Papers in 1971, at the risk of losing her family-owned newspaper.

The flick is slated to hit US theatres on December 22. (ANI)