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Mike Moon (Image Source: Twitter)
Mike Moon (Image Source: Twitter)

Mike Moon, director of adult animation at Netflix to exit

ANI | Updated: Jul 26, 2022 18:49 IST

Washington [US], July 26 (ANI): Netflix's director of adult animation, Mike Moon, is departing the company at the end of the month in order to pursue other opportunities.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, since joining Netflix about five years ago, Moon has established and led the organization's adult animation team.
Shion Takeuchi's 'Inside Job', Brutus Pink's 'Human Resources', Pen Ward and Duncan Trussel's 'The Midnight Gospel', and upcoming films like 'Entergalactic' from Kenya Barris and Kid Cudi, 'Agent King' from Priscilla Presley and John Eddie, and 'Exploding Kittens' from Mike Judge and Greg Daniels were among the animated films produced during his tenure.
While working for Netflix, Moon oversaw negotiations with Brutus Pink, Shion Takeuchi's Big Mouth creative team, animator Alex Hirsch, and production house Titmouse. Additionally, he worked on staffing and constructing Vine Studios, the Netflix animation studio.

Moon previously worked for Sony Pictures Animation, Disney Television Animation, and Cartoon Network before joining Netflix.
Following the announcement that Todd Yellin, the organization's veteran vice president of product, would leave in September, Moon announced her departure.
The departure is the most recent as the streaming juggernaut seeks to recover from 200,000 in the first quarter and 970,000 in the second quarter of subscriber losses.
The business has announced a number of layoffs in recent months and claimed it is "drawing back" on content investment growth to about USD17 billion yearly, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.
After purchasing Australian animation and visual effects studio Animal Logic in July, Netflix boosted its drive into animation and forecast an increase in members for the upcoming quarter. (ANI)