Maggie Q (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Maggie Q (Image courtesy: Instagram)

'Mission: Impossible III' actor Maggie Q reveals Tom Cruise made her feel 'included'

ANI | Updated: Aug 28, 2021 20:25 IST

Washington [US], August 28 (ANI): Hollywood actor Maggie Q, who played a role in 'Mission: Impossible III' along with Tom Cruise, recently revealed that while filming the movie the action star made her feel "included".
According to People magazine, recently while talking to a news outlet, Maggie divulged that before even witnessing the stunts and special effects on the movie's set, she marvelled at the size of her trailer.
When she first arrived on set in Italy to film 2006's 'Mission: Impossible III', a production assistant pointed her in the direction of her trailer, and the actor assumed the PA made an error.
"I'm like, 'Oh no, that's not my trailer. It's a mistake,' because I'm a very small fish and I have a very small trailer in my contract," said Maggie, who played field agent Zhen Lei opposite Cruise's Ethan Hunt.
Cruise's producing partner had insisted that Q had the right trailer.

"She says, 'Hey, Maggie, I heard there was some confusion with your trailer.' And I said, 'Oh, there is. They have the wrong one for me and I'm just waiting for them to give me the right trailer'. She said, 'No, I checked it. That's your trailer.' And I was like, 'That's not possible!'" Maggie recalled.
But Cruise's producing partner then explained that the action star had made it possible.
Maggie continued, "She said, 'Oh no, Tom came yesterday to check it out and make sure that everything was A-Okay and they had your contracted trailer in the basecamp with all the rest of the trailers, and he said, absolutely not. You're getting rid of this and you're getting her the same trailer everyone else has because she's a part of this movie and I don't want her coming to set feeling like she's less than. It's not okay.'"
Inside the trailer, Maggie found a staircase and a fireplace. "He went out of his way to make sure that as the lowest, I'll call it, priority on the call sheet with all the names that I was working with on the movie, that I felt like I was included," she said.
The Hawaii native added that she found Cruise to be "encouraging" throughout their time filming the 2006 spy film.
Maggie said, "His enthusiasm never waivers. I've never seen it waiver. I've never seen somebody who loved what they did more and I've also never seen somebody who was so encouraging of those around him in the thing that he loves."
As per People magazine, Cruise will be reprising his role in 'Mission: Impossible 7', due to be out in May 2022. (ANI)