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Actor Nicole Kidman (Image Source: Twitter)
Actor Nicole Kidman (Image Source: Twitter)

Nicole Kidman to be seen in 'The Perfect Nanny' limited series

ANI | Updated: Jan 28, 2023 04:57 IST

Washington [US], January 28 (ANI): A limited series is being made based on the Lela Slimani novel 'The Perfect Nanny.'
According to Variety, the series creator and writer, Maya Erskine will feature alongside Nicole Kidman. Both are executive producers on the project, which is a collaboration between HBO and Legendary Entertainment.
'The Perfect Nanny,' which was released in 2016, was motivated by the actual 2012 murder of Lucia and Leo Krim by their nanny. In the show, a nanny who initially seems wonderful starts working for a couple with two young children, but her kind disposition slowly turns evil.

According to Variety, the Hulu comedy series 'Pen-15,' which Erskine co-created and co-starred in with Anna Konkle, is her most well-known work. She is now working on the Amazon Prime Video film 'Mr and Mrs Smith,' in which she co-stars with Donald Glover.
The movies for which Nicole Kidman is most known are 'Dead Calm,' 'Days of Thunder,' 'Batman Forever,' 'Eyes Wide Shut,' and 'The Hours,' for which she earned an Oscar. Her most notable TV performance was playing Celeste in HBO's 'Big Little Lies,' and she has also been in the films 'Nine Perfect Strangers,' 'The Undoing,' and 'Bangkok Hilton.'
In addition to "'The Perfect Nanny,' Lela Slimani is the author of 'Adele,' 'In the Country of Others,' 'Sex and Lies,' and 'Watch Us Dance'. (ANI)