Patty Jenkins opens about wonderful fan reaction for 'Wonder Woman'

ANI | Updated: Sep 22, 2017 03:54 IST

Melbourne [Australia], Sept. 22 (ANI): 'Wonder Woman' has not just been a success at the Box-office, but has also made its place in people's heart and director Patty Jenkins has revealed about the all the heart-warming fan interactions since the release of the movie.

In a recent interview, the director shared that she has had so many wonderful fan interactions since the movie's release, she long ago lost count, reports

She said, "It blows me away when I see or hear people find something within themselves for the first time, or again, because of her story or our film. Or when it inspires them to be more than they believed they could be, and more loving and kind and brave and thoughtful."

The Oscar-nominated director also noted that she hopes 'Wonder Woman' will inspire people to be their own kind of hero.

"Hopefully Wonder Woman will inspire people to be a hero, but your own kind of hero. You don't have to be the toughest character in the world to change it - her greatest power is her love and goodness. That is where her physical strength really stems from - having the bravery to do it, alone and against all odds, despite not being sure you can succeed. That is a hero and that is Wonder Woman," noted Jenkins.

The 'Wonder Woman' helmer also noted that even after knowing how successful and popular the film would go on to be, she wouldn't have approached it differently or taken more risks.

"I didn't do anything on the film out of fear. Not to sound overly confident but my point of view didn't come from that. It wasn't the kind of film where I wanted to do anything I had to repress," she shared.

It should be noted that the movie has become one of the biggest domestic box office hits of the year, grossing more than USD 411 million in the US and almost USD 819 million worldwide.

The sequel of 'Wonder Woman' is already in works with Patty Jenkins returning to direct, signing a record breaking deal with Warner Bros. (ANI)