Rob Lowe (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Rob Lowe (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Rob Lowe was summoned by National Security Advisor over 'West Wing' question

ANI | Updated: Nov 27, 2021 16:47 IST

Washington [US], November 27 (ANI): American actor Rob Lowe recently had some wild tales about his time working on 'The West Wing', including once being summoned to the office of the national security advisor for a question about the show.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film and TV icon was a recent guest on the popular YouTube series 'Hot Ones' where he was asked about the rumour concerning then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once crashing 'The West Wing' set.
To this, Lowe, who played fan-favorite Sam Seaborn on the Aaron Sorkin series, gave the affirmative.

"Madeleine Albright absolutely came to the set, very very late. We were shooting at the [John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts]. She wanted to meet everybody," Lowe told host Sean Evans, adding they were all shocked, but of course agreeable to the request.
And then Lowe one-upped himself with the national security advisor story.
"I was in the White House with Bill Clinton and was summoned to the national security [advisor's] office, who was a really gnarly, tough, bare-knuckle dude named Sandy Berger," the actor explained. Snapping his fingers, Lowe said Berger told him "Sit down."
As per The Hollywood Reporter, Lowe added, "And I'm thinking, 'Oh, I'm f----d. This had got to be about my taxes.' And he was like, 'Why isn't there a national security advisor on your show?' And I was like, 'This is what this guy's thinking about in the middle of the day?'" (ANI)