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Still from Super Mario Bros' trailer (Source: Twitter)
Still from Super Mario Bros' trailer (Source: Twitter)

'Super Mario Bros.' movie trailer reveals first look of Princess Peach, Rainbow Road and Donkey Kong

ANI | Updated: Nov 30, 2022 18:22 IST

Washington [US], November 30 (ANI): The second trailer for the 'Super Mario Bros.' movie is here, and there are even more Mario video game references than the first one had.
According to Variety, a US-based news outlet, the new trailer debuts Donkey Kong, played by Seth Rogen, Princess Peach, a number of power-ups (including Mario's Tanooki costume and a fire flower), and the Rainbow Road track from "Mario Kart."
The next video introduces even more inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, following the first teaser's controversy over Chris Pratt's bizarre interpretation of Mario's Italian voice. The game begins with Mario battling Donkey Kong in a huge gladiator ring under the supervision of Toad (Keegan-Michael Key), Princess Peach, and another ape that resembles Cranky Kong (Fred Armisen). Donkey Kong beats Mario to a pulp, just like a "Super Smash Bros." battle.

As Jack Black's Bowser imprisons Luigi, we hear Charlie Day's voice for the first time as the character. The evil antagonist explains his scheme to rule the world, replete with his army of Shy Guys, Koopa Troopas, Goombas, Piranha Plants, and Bob-ombs. The sole obstacle in Bowser's path is everyone's favourite red-clad Italian plumber, and the evil Koopa tortures Luigi by tearing out hairs from his moustache in order to get information.
According to Variety, Princess Peach picks up a battle-axe and convenes a council of colourful Toads to formulate a strategy as Bowser soars toward the Mushroom Kingdom in his flying fortress. She eventually runs into Mario and puts him through a training course with many recognisable "Super Mario" obstacles, including Bullet Bills and falling platforms.
Quick glimpses of Mario flying around in a Tanooki suit, Peach employing a Fire Flower power-up, and Mario and Luigi reuniting through some sort of galaxy-crossing wormhole are shown as Princess Peach alludes to a "vast world" with "a lot of galaxies" that are depending on the heroes to fight Bowser. Mario, Donkey Kong, Peach, Toad, and a host of other characters race down Rainbow Road in an exhilarating "Mario Kart"-style track in the trailer's thrilling finish.
'The Super Marios Bros. Movie' hits theaters April 7. (ANI)