'The Greatest Showman' was a risk, says Hugh Jackman

ANI | Updated: Jan 02, 2018 18:56 IST

Washington DC [USA], Jan 2 (ANI): Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has admitted his upcoming movie 'The Greatest Showman' involved a great risk.

Jackman revealed that bringing a musical to the big screen "is notoriously one of the hardest things to do in Hollywood. I think just the climate of Hollywood was like, 'There's just too many risks. There's too much to do,'" according to Contactmusic.com

He added, "I mean, there have been musicals, obviously- 'Les Miserables', 'Mamma Mia'. But an original movie musical is really hard."

Jackman has had plenty of experience with musicals, both on screen and on stage.

"A bad musical stinks to high heaven. But when a musical works, people are screaming and cheering. Nothing I've found has matched it. By the end, as you take the curtain call, there's no sense you're in front of strangers. It's an intimacy you get that's more intense than you have with people you've known for many years. It's everyone coming together and opening their heart," explained Russo.

The actor believed the time was right to tell Barnum's story.

The 'Logan' actor shared, "He created this world that no one had even thought possible. For me, he really epitomised the idea that your imagination is your limit in a time where things were very rigid and when the social position you were born into was the one you were stuck in." (ANI)