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Jimmy Fallon (Image Courtesy: Instagram)
Jimmy Fallon (Image Courtesy: Instagram)

The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon challenged to update his Jerry Seinfeld impression

ANI | Updated: Nov 27, 2020 16:22 IST

Washington [US], November 27 (ANI): Late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon was challenged during his Thursday episode of the 'The Tonight Show' by veteran comedian Jerry Seinfeld to update his Seinfeld impression which Fallon has been doing for several years now.
According to the Hollywood Reporter Jerry Seinfeld, who joined the late-night host on the special Thanksgiving episode of 'The Tonight Show', called out Fallon for failing to update his Seinfeld impression over the years. "You do The Comedy Club '85 Jerry...We're all ready for you to move forward to the next Jerry," the comedian told Jimmy Fallon during the Thursday night's episode.
Fallon has been known for his Seinfeld impressions, he even performed one alongside Jerry Seinfeld during a weekend update bit on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

During the show, Seinfeld told Fallon "Whenever I come on your show, the audience expects you are going to do me, everyone thinks that you will do me cause you have this great impression of me, everybody thinks it's the best one, I want you to know that I've enjoyed it over the years too". While priding for having such a good sense of humor about himself, Jerry challenged Fallon "to evolve to the next iteration of who I am".
According to the Hollywood Reporter, on the show's competition dubbed "The Seinfeld Challenge", Jimmy accepted the challenge and performed one of Seinfeld's "Bit about the post office", and luckily got the approval from the comedian who was unable to stop laughing during the sketch.
Jerry expressed his satisfaction with the new impression of him performed by Fallon and said "You brought the maturity of the years...the condescension that only comes with age". (ANI)