There's a history of abuse against women in H'wood: Jessica Chastain

ANI | Updated: Nov 21, 2017 12:14 IST

Los Angeles [U.S.A], November 21 (ANI): Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain has opened up about the recent accusations against Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner and others, saying that there is a history of abuse against women in Hollywood.

While talking in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Chastain dived into discussions about the recent accusations of sexual misconduct that have rocked the industry.

She said, "There is a history of abuse against women in our industry. I hope the entertainment industry will never be the same. I think I'm devastated about all of the stories that have come out because it's heartbreaking, but at the same time I feel hopeful because we're not ignoring it anymore and it's painful for change but it's needed, it was needed many many years ago."

Chastain added, "What's coming out now, there's abuses not just in terms of gender but there's so much that needs to change about Hollywood and I think that the industry will become extinct unless we show a more modern version of the world that we're presented with."

She previously addressed the accusations on Harvey Weinstein and said that she had been well aware throughout her career of the ex-mogul's reputation for sexually harassing women.

This is not the first the 'Zero Dark Thirty' star has spoken out about these social issues either, as she had previously blasted the "disturbing" representation of women in film. (ANI)