This is how Doug Liman got rights to direct 'The Bourne Identity'

ANI | Updated: Dec 18, 2017 18:01 IST

Washington D.C. [U.S.A], December 18 (ANI): What it takes to make one of the best thriller movies ever? Maybe, crash a wedding.

The director of the acclaimed 'The Bourne Identity', Doug Liman, has revealed that he had to go to extreme lengths to make the movie, which included crashing a wedding to try and speak to Terry Semel of Warner Bros. Studios, reports

While speaking to a leading entertainment website, Liman said, "I'd loved 'The Bourne Identity' since high school. After 'Swingers' was a pretty big hit, people were asking me what movie I want to make. I said 'The Bourne Identity'. And Hollywood said, no, what kind of small comedy do you want to make? I really wanted to make 'The Bourne Identity' and Hollywood was not ready to give me the opportunity."

He added, "I crashed a wedding where Terry Semel of Warner Bros was because I thought Warner Bros had the rights. I was shameless in my pursuit of the rights, and I eventually found Ludlum's lawyer and he told me the rights were about to revert to Ludlum from Warner Bros."

They finally met and after spending a weekend with the spy author, Liman won him over and eventually secured the rights to the now successful movie franchise.

Recently in an interview, the 'Edge of Tomorrow' helmer said that he thought the 'Bourne' movie is a 'poor man's spy movie' and felt that it won't be as successful as Tom Cruise` 'Mission Impossible'.

He noted, "I felt so insecure while I was making 'The Bourne Identity' that I was making a poor man's spy movie. There was someone of the set who had the 'Mission: Impossible' ring tone on his phone, and every time his phone rang it drove me nuts because I was afraid my movie was never going to be as good as 'Mission: Impossible'."

It should be noted that Doug Liman will be directing the much-anticipated sequel of 'Edge of Tomorrow', which starred Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

No release date has yet been confirmed. (ANI)