Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise nailed classic 'Mission: Impossible' stunt on final attempt

ANI | Updated: May 21, 2021 16:51 IST

Washington [US], May 21 (ANI): One of the most iconic shots from the first 'Mission: Impossible' movie starring Hollywood star Tom Cruise nearly did not happen because he was having a difficult time pulling it off.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, in a series of snippet interviews the star did with director-screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie for Paramount's anniversary Blu-ray of the 1996 film that kick-started the billion-dollar franchise, Cruise explained that he kept falling too far when he was suddenly lowered via a cable into CIA headquarters vault.
Cruise said he was unable to balance fast enough on the cable. "We were running out of time, and I kept hitting my face and the take didn't work," the actor said, explaining he finally asked crewmembers for British pound coins to put in his shoes as counterweights.

He further talked about the action sequence and said, "Director Brian De Palma said, 'One more and then I am going to have to cut into the moment and do it'. I said, 'I can do it.' And I went down to the floor, and I didn't touch. I remember thinking, 'Oh, my gosh. I didn't touch.' And I was holding it, holding it, holding it, holding it. And I'm sweating and I'm sweating. And he just keeps rolling."
Cruise said he realised at that moment that they had got the shot and De Palma was now just messing with him. Finally, De Palma began to laugh and called cut.
As per The Hollywood Reporter, in another interview section, Cruise said he was stuck in a traffic jam in Japan while marketing another film when he got the pitch call from De Palma for 'Mission: Impossible'.
The next film titled 'Mission: Impossible 7' from the blockbuster franchise is slated to come out in May 2022. (ANI)