Wanted to portray a real Pablo Escobar: Javier Bardem

ANI | Updated: Sep 03, 2017 12:23 IST

<p>Washington D.C. [U.S.A], September 3 (<a href="/search?query=ANI">ANI</a>): Hollywood actor <a href="/search?query=Javier Bardem">Javier Bardem</a> is known for his award-winning turn as the serial killer in '<a href="/search?query=No Country for Old Men">No Country for Old Men</a>'.</p><p>But now, audiences will get to see him as something completely different - being <a href="/search?query=Pablo Escobar">Pablo Escobar</a>.</p><p>Bardem, who portrays the drug kingpin in '<a href="/search?query=Loving Pablo">Loving Pablo</a>,' explained what drew him to this movie, given that he has already turned down a lot of offers for him to play Escobar.</p><p>He said, "When I started to dig into this character almost 10 years ago, he wasn't as much in the public eye. I was attracted to this movie because it's about what's in his mind, how he could have that greed when he basically had it all."</p><p>The actor also revealed that he has never felt the human side of Escobar in previous movies and TV shows, reports <a href="/search?query=E! Online">E! Online</a>.</p><p>"I wanted to portray a real <a href="/search?query=Pablo Escobar">Pablo Escobar</a>, because that's the scary part. He was a human being, he was not a machine, he was not an idea, he was a person. I didn't see that in those projects," noted Bardem.</p><p>Bardem has been studying about Escobar, his physicality, movements and mannerisms for years.</p><p>He watched a lot of videos in order to learn more about the character and discovered Escobar's fondness for hippopotamuses.</p><p>"<a href="/search?query=Loving Pablo">Loving Pablo</a>" covers Escobar's love story with journalist <a href="/search?query=Virginia Vallejo">Virginia Vallejo</a>. The movie is Bardem's big screen reunion with wife <a href="/search?query=Penelope Cruz">Penelope Cruz</a>, who is playing Vallejo.</p><p>The flick will make its worldwide premiere at the <a href="/search?query=Venice Film Festival">Venice Film Festival</a> on September 6. (<a href="/search?query=ANI">ANI</a>)</p>