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Woody Allen (Image Source: Instagram)
Woody Allen (Image Source: Instagram)

Woody Allen reveals details about his next project set to be shot in Paris

ANI | Updated: Jul 05, 2022 22:15 IST

Washington [US], July 5 (ANI): Hollywood filmmaker Woody Allen has offered further details about an upcoming feature he plans to shoot in Paris, which might also be his last.
According to Deadline, while speaking with a French new outlet, Allen explained he intends to move to Paris in September to make what will be a French-language thriller.
The filmmaker said the story will be in the vein of his 2005 'Match Point', calling it "a sort of poisonous romantic thriller" and that it will feature an all-French cast. He further noted he has already lined up his principal actors.

Allen told the outlet that the film, which he also recently discussed, without revealing details, in a conversation with Alec Baldwin, is being financed out of the US.
"This will be my 50th feature," he said, adding, "It might be the last one." Allen previously shot 2011's 'Midnight In Paris' in the capital, winning a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for the fantasy romance.
The 86-year-old's most recent film was 'Rifkin's Festival', which grossed just USD 2.3 million, reaching the US in a limited release earlier this year but making little impact in the marketplace, reported Deadline.
In recent years, the filmmaker has seen his career options narrow amid revived scrutiny around past allegations of sexual abuse.
As per Deadline, on being asked by the French news outlet whether he has feared not being able to continue making movies because of those allegations, Allen responded, "I am an author and no one can prevent me from writing, and therefore from working. It is the guarantee of my freedom and of my independence." (ANI)