Zac Efron
Zac Efron

Zac Efron admits he never wants to get in 'Baywatch' shape ever again

ANI | Updated: Apr 05, 2020 21:26 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], April 5 (ANI): American actor Zac Efron admitted that he has no desire to get back in the extremely good shape he was in while filming the movie 'Baywatch'.
According to Fox News, the 32-year-old actor appeared on the latest episode of 'Hot Ones' with host Sean Evans. While he tried to choke down some spicy chicken wings, Efron answered questions about his career in Hollywood as well as the body transformation he underwent to star alongside Dwayne Johnson in the 2017 flick.
Effron admitted that "that was actually an important time to do Baywatch," because he realized that when he was done with the shooting of the movie, "I don't ever want to be in that good of shape again. Really. It was so hard."
The 'High School Musical' star added, "You're working with almost no wiggle room, right? You've got things like water under your skin that you're worrying about, making your six-pack into a four-pack. S*** like that it's just not ... it's just stupid."
Efron also noted that he's glad his physique made the movie look good and even admitted he would do it again if the right project absolutely demanded it.
The '17 Again' actor said,"I'm good. Take care of your heart, take care of your brain and you're good."
However, this isn't the first time the 'We are your friends' star criticised his own body. In May 2019, when he appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' and the host gave him a chance to meet his new Madame Tussauds wax figure face-to-face.

"Whoa, oh whoa, Weird -- whoever did this, I'm very impressed and scared," Efron said after seeing the statue for the first time.
"They did a good job. It's a little bigger than me," he added.
DeGeneres then pointed to a vein on the wax figure's torso and said, "Look at the vein right there."
Effron said, "That's real," after which he lifted up his shirt and showing off his chiselled abs while the crowd erupted in screams and applause.
"That's too big. For guys, that's unrealistic," But, Efron noted, "referring to the statue, which was modelled after his look in 'Baywatch'.
"I'm telling you, I got very big and buff for that movie. But I don't want people to think that's the best way to be. Be your size," he said, again to the applause of the crowd.
"I don't want to glamorize this," he added. (ANI)