Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato opens up about 'darkest moments', thanks friends

ANI | Updated: May 15, 2019 23:02 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], May 15 (ANI): American singer Demi Lovato reflected upon her rough patch and showered love on the people who stood by her during what she called the darkest phase of her life.
Lovato and her friends Sara Elizabeth Mitchell a.k.a. Sirah and Matthew Scott Montgomery recently returned after vacationing at Bora Bora. The singer opened up about the importance of their friendship in the wake of her overdose last July.
In a lengthy Instagram post, the 26-year-old singer celebrated her two friends for their unconditional support through these years and thanked them for never leaving her in her "darkest moments."
Along with the emotional note, Lovato also shared a photo featuring her with the two friends.
"Just me and my best friends living our best lives. Thank you for never leaving me in my darkest moments, for always drying my tears.. even when they're from watching Moana. Thank you for being loyal, honest and so grateful for every little thing.. like crying because we swam with fish/sharks/stingray and coral reef," Lovato began her post.
"I'm so lucky to be best friends with two incredible souls who are so talented and creative because it inspires me daily. And you're so supportive of me and every little thing I do..," she continued.
The 'Sober' singer went on to say how her friends have travelled across the country to visit her and stay with her me to make sure that she is okay.
"You've travelled across the country to visit me and stayed with me at my house for days on end when I'm struggling to make sure I'm okay but most importantly you never abandoned me like others did when I was going through shit.. you were there to listen, without judgement and only love and I can never fully express what that means to me," she added.
In Lovato's words, they are the "greatest friends" she has ever had.
"You're the greatest friends I've EVER had and our future together is so bright. I love you both more than you can imagine!! Thank you for this past week @sirahsays @matthew_scott_montgomery ps. I'm both yalls biggest fans," she concluded her heartfelt post.
Lately, the 26-year-old star has been more active on social media and has been constantly sharing many life updates, including the announcement of her new manager Scooter Braun (he also reps Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande).
Lovato revealed to her followers that she had returned from her tropical vacation on Saturday.
Looking stunning in a leopard-print bikini paired with stylish sunglasses, the singer showed off her new shoulder-length bob hairdo while posing for the camera.
The singer recently checked into a treatment facility on her own in March.
Lovato, who has battled addiction, mental illness and eating disorder for nearly five years, first broke her silence regarding her overdose on August 5, when she shared an update about her health following her hospitalisation, reported People. She remained in a treatment facility until November.
In February, reports began circulating that Lovato had relapsed and re-entered a treatment facility.
However, a source close to the artist told People at the time that the rumours were not true, but confirmed that Lovato did choose to check into a treatment facility on her own to work on her health. (ANI)