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Ed Sheeran (Image source: Instagram)
Ed Sheeran (Image source: Instagram)

Ed Sheeran speaks out about being taken to court following 'Shape Of You' plagiarism lawsuit

ANI | Updated: Apr 09, 2022 22:17 IST

Washington [US], April 9 (ANI): British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has revealed the emotional and creative cost of being dragged to court over plagiarism claims.
According to Deadline, Sheeran spoke during an interview to a news outlet following his victory this week in London's High Court. The juge had ruled in favour of the singer and said that he had not "deliberately or subconsciously" copied the work of artist Sami Switch for his massive 2017 hit 'Shape of You'.
Sheeran said that his sessions with musical collaborators were now full of fear that "they might be touching someone else's note."

He said, "Now I just film everything, everything is on film. We've had claims come through on the songs and we go, 'Well here's the footage and you watch. You'll see there's nothing there.'"
"There's the George Harrison point where he said he's scared to touch the piano because he might be touching someone else's note. There is definitely a feeling of that in the studio. I personally think the best feeling in the world is the euphoria around the first idea of writing a great song. That feeling has now turned into, 'Oh wait, let's stand back for a minute,'" he added.
As per Deadline, Sheeran repeated the point he made following his High Court victory, that "coincidences were bound to happen" in an industry where 22 million songs were released each year, and only 12 notes were available to songwriters. (ANI)