Chris Brown and Drake (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Chris Brown and Drake (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Friends Chris Brown and Drake party at separate VIP tables in Miami club

ANI | Updated: Jul 04, 2019 15:38 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], July 4 (ANI): Just weeks after dropping their latest single 'No Guidance', American singers and friends Drake and Chris Brown were spotted partying at Miami hotspot Mr Jones.
According to Page Six, the two singers were seen sitting at separate VIP tables surrounded by beautiful women.
"No one knew Chris was coming ... They showed up 20 minutes apart," said the insider.
"They didn't join forces [because] they were too big a group to come together."
While both their bodyguards were too large to fit at one table, Brown "came by Drake's table to say hello for a quick minute," and then returned to his own section, the source said.
The outlet noted that the groups gulped about $10,000 worth of booze in total and Drake "ordered only the Virginia Black Whiskey and Mod Selection Champagne to his table because they're his brands and no other brands were allowed to be served in his section," the source said.
Brown and Drake each had about 15 ladies at their tables, having a great time with the singers.
And while neither of the two stars grabbed the centre stage to perform, they "mouthed their lyrics enthusiastically along with the crowd when the DJ put their song on," said the source.
"This was when the party really got livelier and they were having more fun." (ANI)