Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

'Her sound was terrible': Fans slam Janet Jackson for lip-syncing during concert

ANI | Updated: Nov 17, 2019 11:12 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov 17 (ANI): Singer-songwriter Janet Jackson seemed to have upset fans as they accused her of lip-syncing at a live rendition on Friday night in Brisbane, Australia.
Some angry fans even walked out of the show in protest.
Calling her RNB performance on Friday a "disaster", a fan told The Sunday Mail, "When Janet Jackson came on it was just a disaster."
"Her sound was just terrible. She would be singing and then all of a sudden just do random stuff," Fox News quoted the irritated fan as saying.
She was also slammed after similar things happened during her concert on November 8 in Perth.
"It was the worst performance of the night and probably the worst I've seen," another agitated fan added.
Detailing the recent incident, another attendee shared that as soon as Janet took to the stage, "she started lip-syncing and it was so obvious she was dancing around trying to move the mic over her lips so we couldn't see and she kept putting her hair over her face."
The person added that people started leaving terming it as a "disappointing" experience.
"She was out of time for sure. We left when she tried to sing 'Together Again'," added the fan.
Sister of late pop icon, Michael Jackson, Janet is a recipient of the 2018 MTV European Music Global Icon Award. (ANI)