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Harry Styles (Image courtesy: Instagram)
Harry Styles (Image courtesy: Instagram)

It's Weird: Harry Styles on being called sex symbol

ANI | Updated: Nov 23, 2019 14:32 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov 23 (ANI): For many, singer-actor Harry Styles is a sex symbol but being called so just makes him "uncomfortable".
The former One Direction member added that "it's also like a weird thing to think of about yourself."
"Honestly I'd say I try and think about it as little as possible because it's a very strange, dynamic thing," People magazine quoted Styles as opening up on Apple Music's Beats 1 Friday.
"I guess the thing with sex in general, is like, it used to feel so much more taboo for me. Even like when we were in the band, the thought of people thinking that I had sex was like, oh no, that's crazy. What if they know?" he continued.
The 25-year-old added wanting to feel free and "joyful" saying, "I wanted to feel a lot freer and just more joyful and honest."
Commenting on the tabloid culture where every long and short is reported and comprehended so quick, the actor said, "A lot of the time, when there's tabloid stuff, for example, of people breaking up, I think people forget that there's a person who's also broken up with someone, which is sad. You get sad when you break up with someone."
Styles further candidly spoke about his upcoming album 'Fine Line' which is set to drop on December 13 and revealed that he was with his friends in Malibu while making music and felt "so safe" there.
"Making this record felt like... I just felt so much more joyous. And I was with my friends, and we were in Malibu I felt so safe. It was like, I want to take some mushrooms, I'm going to take some. Like now's the time to have fun." Styles explained.
As he is working on the album, the 'Kiwi' crooner said he's trying to live life more freely and a "little less worried about stuff."
"If you don't hit the top of the chart, your life doesn't change. I think realizing that it's like if that was what I was aiming at, and then it didn't happen, then I'd feel so much worse," he said. (ANI)